Goal Achieved. Book It.

I set a goal to read a book a week this year and I finish 2018 with 67 books read.

I love reading but never made time and last year made a decision to change that. For Christmas Maddie DinndorfJack Guldberg and Nancy Guldberg surprised me. They made me a “free library” for the garden I am creating this summer in our front yard.

The library is incredible, what a great Christmas Gift.

Christmas Library

Family members and my mom’s book club all donated the first round of books, each with a bookmark about why the book was important to them. Madison painted the sign with all my favorite books names, and what is really cool is the library itself is an up cycled doll house my folks found at a garage sale.

This is from Christmas Eve before Church, we all had new books and sat quietly reading by the glow for the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Eve reading

I plan another year of reading myself, thanks to them have a bunch of great new to me books and now have a cool way to share the joy.

This  my anticipated January reading stack.

jan read list

I say “anticipating” because the spirit moves me – if I am listening to a podcast or in a book another book is mentioned I often get the itch to read that first. The universe always lead me..

If you have a book recommendation let me know.

My 2019 goal – Run the 2019 New York City Marathon with Alex Dinndorf, might need to move to audio books.

Here’s hoping your 2019 be filled with the love of renewed passions, insights, and all the joy your heart can hold. Be Your Own JoyMaster.

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