2018: My Umbrella Is Love

Congratulations you made it. We made it. 2018 is in the books.

Many use this time of year to think about all the change planned for their future. My preference is to reflect on everything that got us to this moment. Being thankful without judgment, not labeling good or bad, instead merely thinking about it as it is or in this case, as it was.

Just pause, reflect and appreciate.

There was a lot of rain in our life this year, unexpected downpours, some days – monsoons. Yet with a focus on faith and hope – the love our family and friends was our umbrella.

In nature, I love the rain, the smell, the feeling of rebirth and growth – it’s whispering “go get ’em, girl.” Running in a light, warm rain is one of my greatest joys. Yet in life’s storms, the rain does not feel as gentle or inspiring.

Anthony de Mello says, “The nature of rain is the same, but it makes thorns grow in the marshes and flowers in the gardens.”

Here, in this quiet space between years, I reflect on the growth the rain has caused: Greater strength, hope, and faith. Ability to feel joy and to slow down and appreciate moments as they happen. The desire to help others and be honest, authentically kind. This year has proved that social media is not a window into someone’s real life, and you have no idea of others’ personal hurricanes, with me, family and good friends as proof. For God, sakes be nice to each other (and yourself), for reals.

These heighten abilities and sensibilities – these powers gained — they are the rainbow, always promised by the storm.

Please join me. Take some time, understand your lessons, and say thank you, feel it, mean it, gratitude helps. Then put the past in its place, behind you. A new year is here, and the rain has nurtured seeds of opportunity, limitless opportunity.

Whatever you are most grateful for people, places, things, mindsets – whatever brings you the most joy – bring that forward. Let go of the rest, it’s history.

There will always be storms but don’t fear, stay kind, stay joyful, dance in the rain, it will be ok, open your eyes – you have a fantastic umbrella too! I’m rooting for you. I actually just stopped typing to do Jazz Hands – that is how much I am rooting for you.

Thank you 2018. Here we go 2019. Happy New Year Friends.  Be your own JoyMaster.


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