Handmade Christmas Cards

We make our Christmas cards each year.  I love joy arriving by mail.

This year I got an early start, and was determined to find the real joy in creating something to send friends and family that was about the spirit of the season. I never know what I am going to create each year. I start with a clipboard, paper and pens – and I doodle some rough ideas, until my heart says “there she is”.

Here is how I created our 2018 Christmas Card

This year, I drew a doodle with Ultra Thin Sharpie brand pens – black ink on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper (this is about 80% done art wise) nothing fancy, nothing complicated, just elements of Christmas and our hometown, Excelsior:

I colored the design with Crayola fine tipped markers:

I then scanned the design and shrunk it to 4×6. I uploaded to Walgreens Photo – and had color “photo” prints created. Also I used the Walgreens card creator to create to collage of family prints so the card was two sided, and everyone loves to have pictures on the cards they receive. Ok I love to have pictures, so I assume everyone does. I let each of the kids pick their own photo too – that way everyone is happy :).

I added the cards to bright red card stock to create the ‘card’ and to make them more substantial in the envelop

Then I sent blank envelops thru our printer and hand colored each one as I addressed them.

Three cool things:

  1. They were fun to make.
  2. They celebrated our family and the season
  3. It was really affordable, 100 cards, I spent $37 plus postage (I had the pens and red card stock)

Merry Christmas to All, and To all A Good Night.

Be Your Own JoyMaster.


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