Happy February

Bertha, our Christmas tree this year is long gone. But every and anything that was “wintery” I left up and covered in red to celebrate this month of love. I think it was an effort to surround myself and my family with love.

Besides the decorating change, I also wanted to take a different spin on the month of love. Self Love. Huh really? Seems kinda selfish right?

But with zero friction my month’s plan was created, Focus On Self Love. I would focus on mornings that matter and afternoons not gettting overtaken by work deliverables. I would focus on food I love that my body loves too. And I would focus on joy, basking in it, creating it and sharing it.

As I read my goals and their action plan, I realized Self Love was not selfish at all. Exactly the opposite.

By taking care of myself, by loving me best – I hope to create even more beautiful and bright energy that I can share with those around me. So that love can radiate from my center out. That my friend sounds like a Bullseye.

Only 28 days to restart self love – wanna join me?
Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxox Lisa

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