An EventFul Life

Can you feel life speeding up? 

Are you stepping into the shadow to retrench, or are you grabbing the mic?

I am grabbing the mic – that is MY version of an eventful life. 

As the “old” way of life starts to come back, our job is to bring only the best forward. I am producing my first full-scale event since Covid this month. It reminds me of what I was meant for – to create moments of joy for others. 

So as my life is at a rapid-fire pace again, I have made a choice; the things, the people, the opportunities and the experiences in alignment with my dreams are what goes forward. 

I saw an old friend at Kinko’s yesterday. I know, I know FedEx Office, but come on, you have no idea how many times on the road a Kinkos – 24/7 print shop saved my ass – I feel like I owe it to those kind folks to not forget about them, but I digress. At FedEx Office yesterday, I saw an old event friend. She was my operations manager more than a decade ago. She used Covid to retrain too, but her idea of an eventful life was to focus on family, stability and was a whole new dream for her – I had never seen her so happy. 

It was the 3rd time in the last month that someone I respected changed everything for their version of an eventful life – and found JOY. The time has never been more right to follow YOUR dream. 

An eventful, purposeful life takes thought and effort. It is time – we both know it. You typically have to make one new choice and then keep making it. It takes dedication, friends. Hustle. A fire in your belly. We got all that and more.

We are ready. Choose an eventful life with me. March is on!

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxox Lisa

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