Gift in Change

Change is the one thing all of us can count on.

In the Midwest, Fall is a visual and physical reminder of change – the leaves’ color, school busses on the road and cooler temperatures.

My clothes change, my schedule changes and honestly, my work ethic changes back to uber productive – it’s the move from summer schedule to the rest of the year schedule. Seriously, ask anyone with limited summer days, don’t cha kno.

This Fall I had been considering a new journey professionally, one that was a worthy course, and could significantly change the delivery of what I have been working on for the past year, which is truly a passion of mine.

I was really excited about this potential new course. I would have excelled and made a difference but it was a serious trade-off. Today I learned the Universe decided the trade-off was too great, and returned me fully to my original plan. After licking my wound, I realized, again, the gift in change.

When change happens you get the choice – pout, which I rarely do or reconsider. Reconsider what you want, why you want it and embrace what is – which is ALMOST ALWAYS the Universe nudging or hip checking you in the direction of your destiny. What a gift huh?

Change on some days I can take or leaf (see what I did there), but today I choose gratitude.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxoxox Lisa

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