A Classroom Life

One thing I love about this time of year is all the Back to School photos on social media. The kids of friends and family are all spit-polished ready for a year of learning.

I remember the excitement of organizing my backpack and picking out my first-day outfit – I am still pretty nerdy like that – each Fall I conduct a total closet clean out and get me some new thin Sharpie pens. 

What I didn’t understand until I was older was I really do love to learn. I love to figure things out. Now, I read a book a week for fun and for understanding – but it really is a superpower being a lifelong learner: New skills, new hobbies, and new perspectives.

This year I learned a lot of new things – I have became Facebook certified, I learned MX programming, I learned how Etsy worked, how to sew covid masks and how to make killer overnight oats – just to name a few things. 

Lastly, I learned my favorite people are learners too – when someone asks a question, how do you? Or how many or what movie was that? The person that grabs their phone or their computer and we get an answer, now, that’s my tribe. 

Keep learning people – it keeps us young, keeps our mind open and don’t forget, everyone needs a new school sweater every once in a while.

Happy September Friends!

Be Your Own JoyMaster! xoxoxox Lisa

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