Today it was pouring. Crazy thunder, lightning, and pounding rain. It was one of those summer storms that make you want to sleep all day and just listen to the water landing.

But alas, I have a new-ish routine that gets me up around 5 am. And despite my desire to stay in bed, I knew that to harvest my dreams, I had to stick with my new program.

So I rose. It was an incredible morning. I opened the window in my studio and breathed in the cool scent of summer rain. I was so grateful I was awake for it all and IYKYK that I love the rain. Rebirth baby.

So the finale of my morning routine is to harvest the garden, my little patch of goodness. My daily reminder is that with the right amount of attention things grow. I picked five tomatoes, two dozen purple beans, and two peppers. It’s a pretty good Monday. Can you say gazpacho?

I know there are moments where you may feel like the rain might have washed your seeds of opportunity away – but have faith in yourself and in your destiny – the harvest is on its way friends, the sunshine is too.

Take care of the seeds you plant, your harvest may start today too.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxoxox Lisa

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