Happy October

One of my favorite months of the year – Hello October.

The weather is changing but we still get warm days. Leaves are changing – so the world right before your eyes is like a kaleidoscope of magic and Halloween fun is right around the haunted house.

Halloween to our next-door neighbors’ house means “make your house as scary” as possible for kids to come get their candy. That is super fun of course, but the magic for me of Halloween is getting to become something else – something new – even if just for one night.

So in honor of the month, I am going to focus on what I want to become, and use the things that I am afraid of as fuel to know I am going in the right direction – and to push me through.

This month I will:

  • Start the formal class for a new certification
  • Learn a new technology platform
  • Open myself up to a few old friends and a couple new ones
  • Create a new tracking system to measure myself against my goals and be accountable for my own success.

Til we blog together again friends, I wish you a month filled with more treats than tricks.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxoxo Lisa

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