Launching Dreams

Six Months since I have written any words. Why?

Life is like that. You pause one part of life to have the energy for another. Maybe the chatter of the world has gotten really loud, and you can’t hear your heart. Maybe the hate that is in the world everyday, has your heart broken and you know it is not words that fix that. Maybe you are tired, and you think retreat is what will recharge your passion. Maybe it is D all of the above.

Then one day your husband wants to see a rocket launch and you agree that sounds cool – so you go. Maybe just like life, it gets delayed, delayed, delayed – waiting three days, for weather, for timing, for who knows what… but you wait, because you know something special is about to happen.

What is really cool, is the wait gives you time. While you wait, you realize that you can emotionally put something on that rocket and send it to space. You could send something you have been holding… and by launching it with the rocket, it could evaporate into the atmosphere, into nothing.

So you do. You decide. You choose to send the idea that you are not enough into space. You send all your limiting beliefs up with that rocket. Then it launches. It tears through the sky. Your limiting beliefs are gone and you realize every fucking thing you ever dreamt was possible.

That day was today. That this story is me. I was awed, as Elon Musk send a rocket to space – and I thought if he can do that, surely my dreams are possible too. My heart is full. My soul is hopeful. The best, the very best is ahead for us all friends.

“I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” – Elon Musk

Dream. Sky is the limit! TODAY IS THE DAY to launch your dreams.

I have missed you. I love you. I am back.

Be your own JoyMaster. xoxoxoxoxo Lisa

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