Seeing Red

I was reading a story online and Julianna Hough was asked about changing her hair color and style so often. My first thought was ugg, yea, all us women wanna to talk about our looks. #dumbassquestion

Julianna explained that when she goes through major change in her life, or major shifts in thinking, she wants to be changed on the outside too – a reflection of her change on the inside.

YES! I love it – I thought that is me right this second.

After 53 years of being varying shades on brunette, I am now a red head. I have wanted to be a redhead for decades yet never the courage. I am me. I am changed. And now you can see it on the outside too.

It makes me happy every morning. The passion and evolved human on the inside, is now reflected on the outside.

Be yourself friends, it’s the very most beautiful thing you can be.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxoxo Lisa

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