Happy August

Scaling Dreams.

Friends, what a month. Welcome August, I am so happy you are here.

I have on my climbing boots. I am scaling mountains, with only the map I created. I spent the last month on Plan A, the incredible company my mom and I built together, Magic Gardens.

I have learned Instagram, SEO, content creation, iphone photography, toy collecting and so much more. It has been one of the most creative months of my life. My cousin’s cancer is in remission, our daughter and her boyfriend got thru a positive Covid diagnosis safely (and our house was negative), and our son is on track to graduate next year from college. I am feeling grateful and hopeful.

But with all that right, I cleaned out my desk yesterday because my “real-job” is not reopening, I thought how can so much still not be right, not with me —- but with the world.

I was lost in why no arrest for Breonna Taylor, and why are things not changing faster – and then – a gift from God, I had the honor of reading an essay by Civil Rights Activist John Lewis – penned just days before his death. Please take the time to be inspired.

Ordinary people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America. – John Lewis

Now is the time friends. Let’s remember – we need to use our voices to make sure the world is a place where everyone gets to scale their dreams.

I’ve missed you all so. Be safe, take care of each other and be the change you want to see. Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxox Lisa

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