Book 6: Vitamin N, Louv

500 ways to get your nature on.

This New York Times best selling author wants you to get more Vitamin N, The Essential Guide to A Nature-Rich Life.

This quick read offers 500+ ways for you and your family to get connected or re-connected with nature.


Vitamin N (for nature) is a complete prescription for connecting with the power and joy of the nature world right now. (back of book)

Richard Louv coined the term nature-deficit disorder – and how reconnecting with nature can bring overwhelmingly positive effects like mental acuity and creativity as well as, reducing stress and increasing physical fitness.

This baby is a dose of pure joy – the book is brimming with low cost fun for all ages that connects you not only with your own backyard, but a closer feeling to the universe.


The book discusses ways that we are conditioned to fear bugs and other things outside, and there are specific activities and insights in the book to look to nature as wonder, a mini version of our own sized world.


Making nature the most fun:

The book takes about the power of planting and harvesting crops together, even something small like herbs. Kids learn enjoy the planting and playing the dirt, as well as, take pride in the crop getting to the table.

The book offers fantastic advice to parents or caretakers on how to allow to play to happen freely. Where and how to set boundaries for youngsters so they feel both safe nature, yet aware of their surroundings.

Free play is something every important me to me with my grandsons – I try to weight activities towards creative play vs. controlled play.


Richard also shares all weather ideas, all ages ideas and both day and night time ideas. The book also has great quotes from nature leaders, as well as an essay each chapter about different elements.  One is about park systems and how to make the most out of them, picnics, trails and using maps to hike. He reviewed a program that I did not know anything about, Every Kid in a Park pass that looks fantastic – this is just one of his  insights to make outside more fun and totally affordable.


I love nature and I love sharing nature with my family. My mom and I are launching a nature themed business this year, so this book was really inspiring because the author discusses all of the valued elements of outside, which reinforces all of our ideas as move move towards launch.

This book is terrific if you are looking for specific ways to reconnect yourself or your family to your community and to nature. I think the book is really important because it feels like humans are losing some of their connection to the earth with all its technology – we could all use a booster shot of Vitamin N.

The Joy Of This Book: Vitamin N is all about living a more joyful life with those you love celebrating nature with gratitude.

Get yours today.

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