Harry Potter Gift Box

Harry Potter DIY Gift Box

He’s A Keeper: Welcome Baby G


Robyn was in elementary school when we first met – she volunteered annually with her family at a festival I managed. I loved to spend time with their family each year. She has a natural spirit of giving and you can not help but love her. Now a decade+ later, I was invited to her baby shower, I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for such an extraordinary young woman. She used to love Harry Potter, so that is how I wanted to celebrate her bundle of joy.


  • Harry Potter Printable
  • Color Printer
  • Paper (see #1 below for details)
  • Spray Mount/Glue Stick
  • Large Garbage bag/or cut open paper bag
  • Scissors
  • White Box or white gift bag (my box was 5 x 8 inches, a box of 500 A6 envelops. No white box? Spray paint one before assembly, or cover with white paper.

Inside The Box

Gift, Ribbon, Tissue Paper


:20 mins to make the Gift Box – :50 mins All in

  • Find the gift: 15 minutes
  • Locate materials: 15 mins
  • Make the box: 20 mins


I had everything so the only cost was the gift


  1. Print the printable (from Dating Divas): I printed the design on 32lb, 8×11 paper. (I print in black and white first to see if the sizing is right). If your box/bag is bigger, print on larger paper or at FedEx for something really big. Paper was stiff enough that the colors printed brightly, but not too thick (like card stock) so it adhered nice and flat to the box.
  2. Cut out the printable right up to the edges of the graphics.img_5408
  3. Take any sticker off the box or cover with paper.

    the envelop box
  4. Define placement before you glue, so you have enough room for everything.
  5. Spray mount: This stuff is messy and sticky and I am a messy JoyMaster, so I laid a garbage bag down to protect the floor and applied well-shaken stray mount to the back side (non-printed side) of cut out graphics.img_5410
  6. Spray Mount one item at a time.
  7. Place hair and scarf first, so you could reconfirm scar and glasses placement. img_5411
  8. I used a sharpie to clean up any cut lines (top of box hair line so no white shows).img_5414
  9. I wrote a message on the box instead of a card.img_5430
  10. The gift was Harry Potter themed onesies, and an item from her gift registry, I had shipped (so included a picture of that item).img_5417
  11. She loved it, and I was thrilled to give it at her Flannel Themed shower.img_5435

Thank you for the Printable Dating Divas – see all they offer
Find Adorable Harry Potter Items

PS: It was so cute, I wish I had made it permanent, you would use a wooden box and paint the face on the lid using the printable as a pattern and acrylic paints. Thanks to Robyn and Sam’s family for the day, it was pure joy. Love you all.

Be your own JoyMaster.

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