I Wish You Good Old Days.


My family sat down to watch the last Office.  Having watched on and off for years, Series Finale’s always feel worth the watch when you are vested in the characters. I cried when Andy said the quote in the picture above, “I wish you knew you were in the Good Old Days before you’ve actually left them.”

Being someone always in search of where Joy lives, I found it here.  The writers took the time to remind us, that most the time, right now is the future “Good Old Days”.  And if you can slow down and enjoy today for what it is and its role in the future – you can enjoy more of life.  I feel I have seen many Good Old Days, too many kids shoes by the door so it won’t open, saturday morning runs with great girlfriends and wine on the porch swing with someone you love.  I live a good life.

But I think it really struck a chord, because I do feel like I am in the middle of creating my Good Old Days – doing things to create happiness and joy in my own life and that of my family/friends.

The show was sprinkled with joy moments.  A marriage, a renunion, an adoption, and true love – but the show,  was summed up by Pam Halpert at the end,  “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things and Isn’t that kind of the point?”  Bravo and Goodbye to the Office.  Your joy lives on in every “that’s what she said.”

I wish you peace, love and joy – in the ordinary things, because these my friends, are the Good Old Days.  Be your own JoyMaster.

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