Give Joy, Get Joy.

got joy

“Joy increases as you give it, and it diminishes as you try to keep it for yourself.  In giving it, you will accumulate a deposit of joy greater than you ever believed possible.”  Norman Vincent Peale

What Does Joy Mean to You?

What brings joy into your life? Do you know? Are you aware of that which makes you happy? Or are you so busy fulfilling your daily obligations that you put off to some future time those things that make you feel good?

Joy is a feeling in the present moment, not something you will have in the future. It’s a sense of calm, that this moment in time is just how it should be.  By sharing that feeling, and your caring you create joy for others – and in turn increase it in yourself.

My Joy Expanded

To increase my joy each day, when I wake up I spend a few moments to think about the specific joy someone in my life brings to my heart.  This morning, it was my fiance – and that is a lot of joy – strength, love, support and family – the perfect start to my day. Then when we saw each other, he had no idea what I had been thinking, and the first thing he said to me was “I was thinking this morning how lucky I am to love you”.

I was overwhelmed by give Joy, get Joy.  Get Givin’ is my advise.                                  Be Your Own JoyMaster

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