Make A Wish (Cake)

Birthday Wishes For My Daughter.

A Wish Cake. Celebrate birthday’s with wishes for the future. This is ours – is a cake that has wishes for the coming year for the birthday girl from friends and family.Birthday Wishes For My Daughter.

I asked my daughter’s closest friends and family to send me a wish for her and her coming year.  A wish cake is what they became.  Joy can be so easy, and what is fun, is everyone wants to be a part of the celebration.

Use this JoyMaster simple idea, to show Someone Special on their birthday, anniversary or really any occasion how much they are loved.


Create Joy with this simple birthday and anniversary idea.
Create Joy with this simple birthday and anniversary idea.

I emailed or facebooked friends asking for a birthday wish for her – it was fun for me, some were serious, some hysterical, and some just allowed me further inside her relationships, which was joy for me since she has been away at college.

A) I printed out each wish.

B) Rolled them up – and taped them so they were the size of candles and would not unroll.

C) I cut flames out of yellow card stock.

D) I made as many flames as I had wishes (I asked 22 people for wishes, assuming some would not respond, but all did – so she had 22 candles on her 19th birthday cake).

E) I cut a small slit on the top of each wish – both sides of the “candle” so the flame could sit on top in the slit.

F/G) I placed a flame in/on each candle, I did one or two at a time, til I got the slit size right.

H) Happy Birthday girl.  Really fun reading all the wishes aloud after dinner.  She was surprised and might I say enJOYed it a great deal.

I taped the wishes to the centerpiece from Party City, because she told me last minute she did not want cake, but ice cream, so the paper cake was a hail mary but turned out better than my real cake plan… I love how life works out.

This simple idea, cost less than $4 to make and was a wonderful gift for my daughter.  Celebrate.  Be Your Own JoyMaster.

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