Self Seeded

This has been a crazy spring/summer for me and the hubs. Really, a crazy year. Scratch that a really crazy two years.

My vegetable garden, which has been a source of great pride and joy, has been reduced to weeding open patches for two tomato plants. But I decided to do the best I could, and this year, this is the best I could.

But the joy in this story, as there can always be joy in a story, is in the smack dab middle of the wild, three plants grew. I was unsure if they were squash from last year, so I just left them, and to my surprise, they were hollyhocks. I have never seen a hollyhock, even in the neighborhood. And they are magnificent.

The hollyhock is known for its prolific self-seeding, so it has come to symbolize abundance. We could use a little of that right about now. I have taken pictures daily, and my three from the wind plants are more than 6 feet tall.

The other unexpected thing is when I mentioned to my mom the hollyhocks, she spoke so fondly of making dolls out of the pedals as a kid. Later that week, my hubs was talking with his mom, and she said how as a kid she loved making hollyhock dolls. It was so cool, the fond memories these two women, we love so, shared instantaneously.

For the record, only one tomato has grown, and it was eaten by a bunny before it was ripe. Yes, my garden is extra special this year. Fate planted some seeds, they thrived, and I was able to enjoy the handiwork.

Hoping your garden and your life are full of magic. And the seeds planted are now soaring, blooming miracles.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxoxoxoxoxo Lisa

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