Merry Meta-Mas

Who is Merry Meta-ing this year besides us?

Our fam will have four Oculus headsets under various trees this year. Recipients 6-48 years old – now that is a product friend. 

Our house loves new technology, and this virtual experience economy will be so much fun to watch grow and become. But, what I love is is this tech creates a new way to connect with each other and our community. A new way to evolve relationships – and I am all about that. 

I am a Master of Joy, an event creator by trade and by spirit, creating moments that matter for all – so when events came to a crashing halt thanks to The Vid, I had to resell thru the State of Minnesota. 

The list of reskilling options was ah-mazing, but I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone, something fascinating. 

You guessed it, I took multiple college courses on AR/VR/XR and they were over the top interesting. I also started my journey with the software Unity – an incredible engine that powers literally millions of XR games. (I also learned Salesforce, a powerful world-leading CRM – you know a good Nana keeps her options open).

So you ask, what are you doing now? I am a Salesforce Admin, an event producer and am building an AR app (or two). I can’t wait to share more with you. The first app takes my love of creating incredible experiences for people, my desire to connect communities, and adds a sprinkle of AR wow.

It is gonna be Magic, I tell you, Magic. 

I am feeling very merry about the Metaverse – hope you are too. 

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxoxo Lisa

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