Bertha is A Star

Every year we name our Christmas Tree.

The bigger, the fatter, the better. The 3G’s (daughter, mom, and I) go every year. We look at every tree at a tiny family-owned garden center and pick out the biggest one they have.

The Garden Patch in Shorewood, MN – they usually let us shop the day before trees go on sale. For the last 10 years, we have been their first tree sale. Because of Covid and the demand for trees was so great this they opened early – we both felt like tradition was a little off (us more than them, hahahaha).

We buy our tree bundled, so it is a surprise. No idea if it is funny shaped, super full – it is a total surprise – we unbundle it in the stand.

This beautiful monster was one of the best trees we have had in years. H. U. G. E.
Our sons don’t go with us shopping because they get annoyed that they have to check every tree – and we never take the one they prefer. But they are willing (but not in love) to help us name him or her each year.

Once we had wrestled her up into the stand and finished tying the fish line around her trunk and to the walls (learned that secret the hard way), our oldest son said that she looked like a Bertha.

It stuck – hey friends, meet Bertha – she’s a bute – and if you name her, you put the star on!
Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxox Lisa

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