Good morning friends.

I woke up today with a sense of now. Today is the day. The time is right.

Today is not the day to put off your dreams. It is the right moment to take action. Take one simple step today:

  • Shorten lunch by 15 minutes and research that thing.
  • Take a walk and visualize a simple step or two to help make your dream come true – then write it/them down.
  • Tell someone (you really trust) your dream, ask them to hold you accountable for taking steps.
  • Create a checklist of what needs to be done.
  • Create a checklist of who could help you.
  • Look in the mirror and just say, “I can do this.”

For me, tonight I am going to write the introduction to my mom and I’s book instead of wine on the porch with my Hubs. It’s my next step, and I am taking it.

One small step keeps you moving down the path towards your best life. Don’t wait, take the step.

Let’s both set our watches: The time is … right… now.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoLisa


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