The Power of Cake

I am my family’s Cake Whisperer.

Oh, how I love me some sugar. I eat dessert nearly every meal, and sometimes for meals. What I really love about dessert, is it feels like a physical manifestation of joy. It’s a celebration.

There is joy in baking for me, there always has been. Out of a box, from scratch – all the same. The way it makes the house smell like a home, and the reaction from family and friends to baking gone right – it is magic.

About 8 years ago, my sister asked if I could create a mermaid cake, fondant and all. The cake took 5 hours, and was a little lopsided, but made the party somehow more special, more personal. The time spent, helped in some small way create a moment that mattered with my family.

Now the dam was broke, everyone wanted a special cake for their birthday, confirmation or anniversary. And I aim to please. My cake creation process is fun. I text or call the celebrant ahead, and they put their order in. Some want something specific and others just want a surprise.

A girlfriend of mine hates baking but loves cakes. I always pitch how simple baking can be, and she always jabs about her lack of time. She buys cakes. Great cakes. Dinosaur cakes, superhero cakes, and cakes with the recipient’s picture on top (ah hello they sell printers for that). Her cakes are works of heart too. They are pure pleasure to receive and I am often envious of how beautiful they are without all the work.

This is proof that the joy is not in the perfection or production process of any sugary indulgence but rather – the joy is the power of a cake.

The power of a cake, sounds strange huh? There is energy and potential in a cake. The power is that cakes say “I love you”. They are a bite of kindness, a bite of compassion, a bite of “I see you” and “you matter to me”. And everyone needs to feel more of that.

Here is some of the joy we have baked:


When I pulled the pictures to include, all the treats were a part of a celebration. The family was gathered to honor someone we love. The cake was the finale to the event. The literal and figurative icing on the get-together was the cake. So yes, there is power in a cake. And this power is best shared.

Hoping your day is frosted with love, compassion and most of all joy. Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxox Lisa

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