Happy June

Your song is so beautiful. It does not matter who is listening. Sing and share your beautiful story. There is peace in the music of your life, there’s joy, love, happiness. If you are not your full self right now, that is just fine. Music helps you cope, even if the song is just for the moment get through – your specialness is there, it can be seen and heard.

Scientists say that birds sing more strongly in the rain, and in cooler climates – so like us, we need to sing in times of joy and sorrow – the rain can not stop us either.

Keep a song in your heart. Courageously share it. There is an audience of fans waiting, and I am in the front row. When you are ready, come onto stage.

Wishing you all the joy your heart can hold this month. Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxoxo

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