Oh hey, birthday month!

I am a Taurus, a lionheart. A person of exceptional courage and bravery. Ballsy to say? Depends on who’s judging.

I love the term lionheart.

This is what Urban Dictionary calls a LIONHEART, and I love it: Constantly challenging oneself. Taking every single opportunity without regrets. Learning, developing, and seeing beauty in all moments, no matter how big/small they may be. Knowing what you’re worth, treating yourself like you deserve to be treated. Simply, just being you and being brave. Like a lion, you know, fight for what you stand for. A Lionheart would never give up on its dreams.

What do you think about the idea of starting a podcast – one that features Lionhearts. I’ve been brainstorming what would make it unique, exciting, and of authentic value.

I love podcasts. I am trying to find one that constantly features inspiring women. A diverse set of joyful women that have challenged the status quo, that did or are living their best lives (sometimes despite life), women who have seen some shit and are on the path to the other side and can guide us, give us hope and make us laugh.

When you look at symbols of Lionhearts, just google it, and you get a screen filled with the king of the jungle. But it is the lioness that creates and produces pride (the lion family). A lioness is the quintessential symbol of female power. And the lionesses support each other on the hunt, enabling them to take down prey faster or stronger than they are. So, they are also symbols of the divine sisterhood – women supporting women.

I love being a Taurus. I love being a lioness, a lionheart.


Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxoxoxoxo Lisa

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