Give It A Tri

It’s our anniversary, me and the hubs.

I could tell you one thousand things I love about this guy – but what I loved about him first is how smart he is – I still love that and the way he thinks.

He takes super complex things and makes em simple. As well, he can take ordinary ideas, package ’em up, add context, research, and enthusiasm – and before you know it, the idea is a brilliant game-changer. He is almost always right. And yes, typing that tastes like vinegar.

When his mind is firing, it is something to see and I’m lucky to be at the center of it with him – pure excitement.

So here is one example—three sides to a solution.

You have heard of the idea that there are two sides to any story. Well, in our house, life is about triangles. 

My hubs conceived our now standard household technique – what I call The Three Sides Theory (I am sure he calls it something else). The idea is you get the best outcomes if you can define and address the three most critical elements of any decision, problem, or opportunity – get it? Three sides like a triangle.

Some of the corners may be more important – so the triangle can stretch – and as you attach it to other triangles – of three like matched essential elements, it gets stronger holds more weight. Think geodesic dome. 

Your turn. Give it a TRI 🙂

It works – think about something you wish you could change. Come on, humor me, think about it. What are the three most essential elements to creating or making that change? Then how can you address each aspect to start the change? By George, I think you got it.

So cheers to our next year and here is my triangle for our next year together:

Adventure + Connection + Health.

Happy Anniversary, Honey – I love you.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxox 

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