Disney Daze

Disney trips are a whirlwind – and they can go so fast that you feel like you are in a daze. 

Taking our grandkids to Disney was as much a gift for us as was for them. Watching our grandsons fall in love with the magic, like our kids did as we did – really was a well earned checkmark on our bucket list.

Man do those kids have energy. Here are a Nana’s tips for a fun day at Disney.

  • Get the App for the park you visit so you can track wait time on rides and go back and forth in the park to save waiting in lines.
  • Bring a small backpack with water and snacks, keep the H-angries away.
  • Dress for the weather, hot, cold, rain, don’t let anything rain on your electric light parade.
  • Go thru the websites of the Parks with the kids and pick together what you are going to do – this makes sure everyone is invested in the fun.
  • Plan your dining experiences in advance. We really enjoyed sitting down to dinner a little early because it let the crowd thin a little, gave our legs a little rest, and then we were fully loaded for more rides after dinner.
  • If you stay at a hotel in the Disney Universe, you get early access to one park per day, this is really helpful – check the dates, hotels and with your park plan.
  • Capture memories, not just the posed pics but those candid’s – oh the joy on their faces.
  • If you are going multiple days, take some time to just swim at the hotel pool too – kids love the downtown and this helps reduce the overstimulation of the parks.
  • Have fun – seriously – just have fun.

As we rode back to our Air B and B, the joy of the day was completely captured by our youngest grandson. “Hey, Nana – that was the best day ever.” I replied, “The very best.”

I am over here making moments that matter. Feeling blessed beyond belief.

Thanks Disney, dreams really do come true.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxoxox Lisa

PS: We wore our masks the whole time except this picture – Pops took it so no-one else was around 🙂

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