UnMasking Life

Honestly, there were moments that life behind the mask sometimes seemed a simplier.  

As an introvert, with a mask, I had more space, more quiet and I didn’t feel like I HAD to engage with people because they could not see half my face. But as the pandemic went on, and I communicated with fewer and fewer people, like many I felt isolated, and I began to crave a life unmasked. 

I found myself overcompensating with my mask on making my hellos oversized with exaggerated movement of my eyes and my checks, so you knew I was smiling. I would use a loud voice so my excitement could be heard and big arm gestures so it could be seen. I know sometimes I looked like a mad woman (which some days was truer than not). 

Since the mask, I also am more outgoing. I used to keep to myself, now neighbors are checking on each other, texting, having coffee outside in chairs and delivering meals if someone was sick. We are all in something together. We are unmasking ourselves, even with the masks on. 

The physical masks are important. Of course, I want to keep myself and those around me safe by wearing my mask and getting vaccinated. But by unmasking ourselves, our nature, our kindness, life can be better after this.

Thank you to all the first responders, nurses, doctors, drivers – all essential workers – that kept the world spinning. You are a miracle, every last one of you. 

Soon I hope we can return to seeing everyone’s full friendly face. And what I look forward to most – hugging, oh how I miss hugging. When the masks come off for good, we all will be different people. 

When we lose the physical masks, may we unmask our life for good – with a new appreciation – straight up gratitude – for so many things. Our job is to never forget the lessons, the sense of community and genuine kindness we showed each other.

Let’s give a cheer for masks – and a cheer for our internal unmasking.

Stay well, stay safe friends. Sending love, light and joy.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxoxox Lisa

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