I’m in a Mother’s Day glow with flowers and gifts on the table. Grateful and after a huge brunch completely nap ready. Yet I felt compelled to write about the swirling messages in my head.

Why do I sometimes feel like I need to ask for permission to shine? Who has the right to say yes or no?

Ahh, no-one. So why do we do it?

In this case, who I am asking, is myself.  May I? Can I? Should I? Am I enough? Who will follow? Why would they follow?

First I cut myself some slack. Finishing a huge creative process like Magic Gardens used a ton of my creative stores. It leaves you so vulnerable. Success has started, slow yet steady. It has been two weeks. Patience Grasshopper.

Yet, the questions swirl. Then as always, I ask myself the most important question, why do I feel this way? Ask and you and shall receive.

In comes the calvary, with a flashlight, a beacon really. I am reading the book Big Magic this week by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was a beautiful and thoughtful birthday gift last week. I feel in love immediately with the concept of Big Magic and dug straight in – the book is about being creative despite your fears.

She talks about persistence. Which reminds me of the question that stated this blog, asked to me by my hubs on our first date (I knew he was a keeper):

What if anything you dream would come true, what would you dream?

That answer is simple. I am Joy. I would do what I am doing. Dream. Build. Grow. Repeat. Every dang day.

So if you are asking yourself questions about your worth, those are just fears darling. Shine a light on them, then get to shining yourself – you are dazzling.

I believe in Magic. I believe I may, I can, I should and I am worthy. My heart believes it. And I believe in you.

Happy Mother’s Day friends.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxox Lisa

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