Here she is guys. www.MagicGardens.Fun – I hope you like her.

What is Magic Gardens? A Magic Garden is a playground, made by kids, that brings their toys to life and ignites their imagination. To get you started, we’ve created 45 gardens with DIY videos, tutorials, and ideas to connect with your kids and connect with nature. And that number is growing everyday

We are bringing joy to families everywhere. Wanna get some? Click Here and Subscribe:

Get MagicGardens Ebook for free.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality. To our friends and family for their support, to my mom – my partner in crime, to my daughter Madison who did every little and big thing I asked help with, to my sister Shay and her mac daddy computer & skills and to my hubby, my mighty oak, thank you all.

Please take some time and check it out. Download the free book – or buy a printed one, perfect for Mother’s Day gift I must add.

Oh friends, it is a good day, a new day. Together we plant seeds of Joy.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxox Lisa

4 thoughts on “

  1. Dear Lisa and Nancy!
    I was studying some scripture today after online church and decide to see what happens when you google JOY. Your Ebook Magical Gardens was the first to pop up. Good luck with all your marketing ideas and Happy Spring!
    Mary Raymond

    1. Thanks Mary. What a magical experience ❤️ we created Magic Gardens with the hope it would bring joy to other families the way it does to ours – so this is perfect. Happy Spring to you too. Xoxo

      1. I also think you need to get in touch with Joanne and Chip Gaines as they launch their
        DIY network. Have you seen the preview? They highlight a handful of companies that specialize in various DIY interest artisans….

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