Noble Pursuit.

Meet Sweets. Aka Sweeters, Sweatheart, Sweeter Ba-neater, Good Girl, Sweet Girl, and Pretty Girl. Our noble girl. She is one of my daily joys.

Every morning, she is straight up on Squirrel Patrol. Her goal, to rid our park of any pesky squirrels – or at the very least chase them back up into their trees. This exercise has become such a ritual, that most of the squirrels, head for their acorn stuffed homes as soon as they see her coming.

Sweets is fast, but at 11, the squirrels now have the real advantage. But this fact does not discourage our girl, she has the same zest, pure drive, to keep chasing. Her tail wags and when she returns to me, I swear I can see her smiling.

In the park today, we passed a women and her dog which we see every morning. After a few pleasantries, she said watching Sweets chase the varmints, “That is a Noble Pursuit”.

The statement got me thinking about noble pursuits. The ones people we work at every day. The ones, where the success is the continued effort not a final outcome. Mine, create more joy. So like Sweeters, I guess I am on Joy Patrol. Always on the look out, some things I chase not away but towards, and some things, well, they just are in the moment of joy.

So on this good day, I wish you a noble cause to pursue, to chase, to every day inch closer to something bigger then yourself, something that your heart is nudging or maybe shoving you to do. I hope you know you matter, and your pursuit will help yourself and others.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxo Lisa


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