Leap Day.

Every four years, Leap Day comes around. An extra day logistically to sync our calendar with Earth’s revolutions around the Sun.

This year, I spent the day working on my dream and finished the evening, learning more about Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant? Why learn more about Kobe? Because he never seemed afraid to leap, and I wanted to learn more of that courage. From Italy to the US, from High School to the Pros, from a career ending injury to NBA Champ, he leaped. Believed in himself, and leaped.

We watched his documentary on Netflix, and it opened with this quote

“There is power in understanding the journey of others to help create your own” – Kobe Bryant.

What I was struck by was his dedication to the game, the fans, his family and to winning. So today, on this Leap Day, I am soaking in all his inspiration, to burn the midnight oil.

To drive towards my dream, to get lost in my dream. Because as he says in video from his memorial – The work is the dream. Something greater then the dream will come true.  We don’t know how much time we have, so we have to make that time matter.

Thanks Kobe for tonight and showing the world, what happens when you have the courage to Leap. Rest in Peace Kobe, Gigi, Payton, Sarah, Alyssa, Keri ,John, Christina and Ara.



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