Joy Jar

For the past three years, I have opened my Joy Jar on New Years Day.

This year I was a few days behind because I couldn’t find time alone.

A joy jar holds a daily little note of something I’m grateful for – time with a friend, a good full night of sleep, or great dinner with dad. It’s weddings, birthdays or a quiet walk with my dog in the sun. I date each joy entry – and I try to use all kinds of things. It’s amazing how much joy is there when you look for it.

I like to spend an hour or so by myself reading the full year of moments. I also take pictures of some sending them to those I created the moment with.

It’s my way to relive the moments.

This tradition reminds me that life is full of moments that are easy to forget – but those really are the moments that matter.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxo Lisa

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