String of Lights Card

DIY New Years & Christmas Card 2019:

One of my seasonal joys is creating our family Christmas Card.

In November, my dad went into the hospital, with what turned out to be his fourth and final cancer. One weekend night I came home the hospital to relieve some stress I thought I will draw out our card – knowing I wanted to use LiveStrong yellow for my dad.

I had the idea in my head of twisting lights, I think it was because my life felt a little tangled up about what was going on. I never really know how the idea is going to turn out or what it will turn into.

I was able to try a few light twists, light bulbs and name integration. These above and below are my pre-doodling to get the concept straight in my head.

I found this image online, and used it as inspiration Merry Christmas Drawing Pictures:

I printed it out full size, black and white 8 1/2 by 11 and added peoples names and made the circle bigger for a message as a draft.

Then I drew it free hand, in one try.

I thought this one was practice so I colored it without taking a black and white picture. I drew the design. The Names and the wire. Then went in and drew the sockets, darkened the names, colored the blubs, drew the black line around the bulbs and finally added the cities for our kids and ages on our grandsons.

I liked it, so it became the final one. I scanned it, and reduced the size so it could be printed on a 4×6 glossy photo image at Walgreens.

Then I created a collage picture for the back – with the yellow theme. I printed both sides at Walgreens (with a discount coupon). I learned that trick last year, super cheap.

Assembled them with yellow card stock I had. And there they sat, for about 30 days. After dads celebration of life and before the new year, I was ready to send. So I printed this message inside an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper:

What I loved about the paper, is I could write a message inside each of them – which i think is fun when you get the card to have a little message. Used the paper for envelops. Used scott tape to seal, could have used cuter tape but did not have any šŸ™‚

Used these cute stamps.

And away they went for a Happy, Happy New Year.

I spent $39.20 including postage for 75 cards. Here is the breakdown on cost:

  • 75 x 2 color prints at Walgreens: $8.95
  • 75 Stamps: $30.25
  • 75 yellow pieces of paper (I had these otherwise) $3.75
  • 32 yellow pieces of card stock (I had these otherwise) $7.00
  • Markers (I had otherwise) $5.00
  • Tape $2.00
  • If you had to purchase EVERYTHING cost would be $56.95 including postage

Creativity is good for the soul my friends. Wishing you the very, very best year yet.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxox Lisa

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