Together: My Favorite Place

Favorite time of year anew.

This year was a new normal. My father passed the weekend before Thanksgiving and we hosted his Celebration of Life last Saturday. All the kids were home, but only for a short time thru Christmas. I am not going to sugar coat it, the new normal was tough.

Here is what got me through:

  1. Focus on quality of time together not quantity.
  2. Plan sometime special for each person, can be super small.
  3. Let go of any and all expectations, just enjoy.
  4. Be flexible, the more relaxed you can be the more fun to have.
  5. Be compassionate, try to see the position of the other and help.
  6. Make new memories, laugh but it is ok to be sad if feel sad.
  7. Exercise gratitude, be thankful for what you have.

I had favorite moments during this past week, on Christmas eve the family volunteered for Feed My Starving Children and it was a beautiful and fun experience – giving of ourselves vs the focus on gifting. And at my dads celebration, all the kids spoke about what they loved about my dad. And my mom wrapped boxes for each of us with treasures of dads and mine included a letter he had written me 30 years ago when I left for college.

Our family is tighter then ever. It may not be the same as a year ago, we are missing people and we are changing traditions. But I used to consider home my favorite place, now I know, my favorite place on earth is… together – wherever, whenever for however long it lasts.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. xoxoxox Lisa


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