A Shoebox of Joy

Today I sold my first item on Poshmark. It’s a styling website that connects you to like styled people and you can shop their closets and they virtually shop yours.

The site is fun and full of great deals.

I parted with an ah-mazing pair of shoes purchased in New York City. Why? I almost never where heals anymore. For 20 years – heals everyday. Today, I’m loving me some Converse.

This shoebox of joy has some memories in it. These beauties toured the entire dance floor at my niece’s wedding in IL, brought drinks to celebs at a NY pr event and toasted a fabulous 40th birthday party in MN. These traveling shoes are gorgeous, black leather, designer, with tasteful fishnet (I know that sounds like an oxymoron). Of course I got them for a mega-deal, I only shop mega deals, so it was fun to be able to give a mega deal to someone else.

As gorgeous as the shoes are, I don’t think I ever wore them again. Just three times. These beauties waited patiently in the dust bag and box to dazzle.

So today, I shipped the joy bursting box to someone new. Someone who I hope dances, drinks, closes a big deal, gets the promotion, rings the bell at her IPO, laughs loudly with people she loves or just watches a beautiful sunset in them. Ok some of those things I hope she does barefoot with the shoes in her hands, the rest, for sure in these shoes.

I am thrilled they have a second life. And as importantly, I wonder what joy I will be shipping next.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxo Lisa

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