Simplier Season

This is my favorite time of year! Yet back to school always seems to scuttle daily routines causing some house-wide chaos.

So, this week I have been asking myself with nearly every task:

How can I make this simpler?

How can intention and proactive planning make day-to-day life and work output easier? What if everything in your life could be a just a tad, or a whole lot simpler?

As the trees’ leaves begin to change, I too am feeling the need for change, making Fall the perfect season for simplifying.

My tactics this week for a simpler life:

  • Plan tomorrow’s schedule the night before (including my most important thing)
  • Put out clothes, bags and anything you need for the day ahead, so no mad scramble as you try to leave (especially the KEYS)
  • I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier – so I have some quiet time to get centered
  • Set my intention by listening to this really great day YouTube video – mediate if you can make the time, I feel like mediation, makes extra time due to your clarity of thought
  • Do my most important thing first, for me that is at 8:30 sharp
  • Make a list on my phone of errands that need to be done, and push everything possible to the weekend – I use checklist, which is a super basic FREE app for checklists.
  • Meal planning, and shop on the weekend so no trips to the store when you and the fam are starving – I try to prep Sun – Wed meals on Sunday, so weeknight meals are fast a simple but I shop for the entire week on Saturday (farmers market, the grocery store) – I use the checklist app here too – to create a master shopping list, and a todo list for errands – and this saves money, you don’t buy what you don’t need.

Start small. Start with stuff you can for sure do. Even just one thing, wake up 15 minutes earlier for a week, then add more. These simple tactics saved me a ton of time this week – allowing me to feel less frazzled and slow down a bit to appreciate this beautiful life.

Wishing you a simplified season. Be You Own JoyMaster.

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And of course if you want the Bible of this school of thought check these books out :

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xoxoxoxo, decluttered to create a Simplier Season JoyMasterLisa

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