My son and I are training for a marathon in Brooklyn this October.

We both had challenging runs this weekend. He had not eaten properly and my hydration was too sugary.

He was training in New York and I was in Minnesota yet both of us had our wheels come off around 9 miles.

Later, we were able to banter about what went wrong, and how we could help avoid the issues in future runs. I was in full on #momJoy.

I was reminded by these runs that challenges are a part of any process towards something fulfilling. They help us focus on the path to success before we even take a step.

Trusting that if you do the work, follow the steps, you have a better chance at success. Luck follows the prepared.

So whatever dream you are racing towards my friends, trust the process. We’re both about to cross the finish line. Be Your Own JoyMaster. Xoxo Lisa

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