Book 27: Rising Strong

Rising Strong, Brené Brown

If you dare, you WILL fall, you CAN rise.

Being vulnerable is scary.  And only the brave do it. If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall, this is the universal law that Brené Brown courageously shares with us in Rising Strong.

As a women in the arena, this book spoke to me. These are my people. A call to courage, I hear ya, keep whispering, singing and shouting to me.

I have spent the last two years covered in the dust of the arena floor. As usual, thank you universe, Brene’s book arrived just at the right time.

The specifics of my battle do not matter. But taking the risk to be vulnerable, has changed my life.

Brené says were are all born to strive…

What has changed in me, is what matters. I am a more compassionate person. I am more skilled at seeing things for what they are. I am more daring. I am more honest. I analysis the source of any criticism before letting my heart take the jab.

I am stronger, smarter and more loving then I have ever been. I am more grateful then I have ever been. I have started in a new arena. I am still dusty. And the only thing that will wash off the dust, is time and action towards my new set of dreams.

Brené is right… only people in the arena get an opinion. We spend so much time listening to the opinions of those afraid to enter the arena, and we can’t do that any longer. It steals your fire.

Brené also takes about the stories we tell ourselves, that are worst case scenario and nearly never true.

Why did a friend not say hi in the grocery store, why did you not get the big project, or why did you spouse not kiss you when he got home – you mind tells you stories that are meant to keep you in your place, protected. Ask the other when you are telling yourself a story, or just ask yourself is this store most likely true.

Brené says know yourself when making decisions.

Show up – show up for your life! Be your best self, some days that is shiny and amazing, and some days it is ice cream in your pajamas – but SHOW UP – SHOW YOURSELF.

This book was a call to action for all of us in the arena. Stick together, support each other – celebrate badassery and if you get your ass kicked, and you will – get back up. You got this.

Here is the Manifesto of the book – I wrote it in my Moleskine – just so I could not forget.

May your days in the arena be full of life. May you find your tribe of others in the arena. I’m here – supporting you – cheering you on. I wish you bravery – during the good times and as you peel yourself off the arena floor.

Look at you, you are doing it, you are you. Keep rising. You are so strong.  Be Your Own JoyMaster.

Wanna rise strong?

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