Back in the Swing

I lost my rhythm this last month. Pressures and circumstances pulling me from my routine and my own actions causing an unbalance. Being able to slow down and realize this truth is the first half of the battle.

The second half – getting back into the swing.

I asked myself why I am out of sync. With each answer, I asked myself why is that. I did this five times writing down the answers in my Moleskine. Once it was clear what pulled me out of sync, I wrote down the specific actions I would take to get back.

My intention this week is to come back to my full swing.

And my wish for you, if you are out of sync, emotionally, spiritually or physically, slow down, ask yourself why, and act.  And if you are in full swing, be of service to someone else. There is plenty of room on the playground and we need you JoyMasters making this world a better place.

Be Your Own JoyMaster. XO JoyMasterLisa


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