Book 15: Stealing Fire.

Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal

Finding The Match to Set Your Life on Fire

I ordered Stealing Fire, How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALS and Maverick Scientists are revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work while listening to TheNewMan Podcast with Tripp Lanier more than a year ago.

The universe is kind, it reveals answers when the seeker is ready.

I had been deeply focused on increasing my flow? What are some new tools I could use for greater conscienceness? How can I bring these huge dreams I am daring to consider into reality? And voila! The universe handed to me this podcast and book — intrigued as always that answers reveal themselves like gifts.

I struggle with more work than I have time for, or more true, the work is so pressure filled that it leaves my brain tired – without the energy to fulfill my true calling. I knew if I could think differently or act differently – I could bring on meaningful change. So, while pondering on this random night cleaning the house, I tapped play on a Podcast to pass the time, and my mind was set on fire.

I read the book last year. Honestly, it did not stick.

The concept of Stealing Fire is simple, by creating “non-ordinary states of mind” you can positively impact performance – enter your zone.


I was too far overdone the first time I read the book to try any of the changes for a meaningful period of time. The tools for change caused me stress vs. the feeling of freedom. However, I need a change now more than ever – so it spoke to me again, this time when I saw a reading list from Tim Ferris (who I really respect), and I felt ready to tackle the concept again.

Getting to the altered state is about how you spend your time and intention. Often people half ass what they are doing, frustrated they are not in the zone. They eat while doing an important project or are answering an email in their head while on a phone call. This lack of focus and intention keeps you from flow. You rob Peter to pay Paul when it come to how you use your time and energy.


This book is about brain and body hacks – sharing ways, to get a sense of STER and reach the altered state they call Ecstasis. The state where Navy SEALS can learn a foreign language in 6 weeks vs 6 months.

It is such an incredible high when you are in it, lose all track of time, lost in the momentum of the moment. A sense that you are your best self.


You may or may not agree with or be willing to try all the options to reach altered states. They bring you a pool of tools – you can dip your toe in, wade in or cannonball.

Their tools include methods from psychology, neurobiology, pharmacology and technology . These authors show you what pioneers in the trillion dollar peak performance space are doing – why it works and how you can replicate it.

The book is well researched, and clear to understand.

I have begun specific techniques based on the book and are trying to create habits. It really does work. And the book totally inspires a person to go to Burning Man.

A peak performer of Joy is in me, I just need to set it free. My flame is lit, and I want to be a match for others.

Feeling the Flame? Get the book here.

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