Setting the Stage For Joy

All Shook Up The Musical

Moments that Matter: Celebrate A Live Performance.

I spent last weekend in Boston and was literally rocked out of my seat by our daughter, Madison and the whole cast of All Shook Up – the musical based on the music of Elvis Presley. #KilledIt.

Since we don’t live in the same town (yet) when I visit, I like pre think how to make things special, just little things, to say “YAY! I’m lucky to have you in my life”.

With her having been in shows for years, I love to celebrate moments when she is in the spotlight. Here’s how I used joy to celebrate this Moment that Mattered:

One for the money: Wore these adorable Blue Suede Shoes in perfect All Shook Up-Style tap my toe and maybe even dance along a little.


Two for the show: Added fabric flowers to her two bouquets, first night added DIY plaid flowers that matched her costume exactly, second night, created the bouquet out of DIY blue suede flowers. They looked really cool and become fun keepsakes for her after the show. (Photo credit on the top image of the show to Dustin Todd Rennells)

The first night I also added All Shook Up Hot Sauce and on the second night added an All Shook Up Parking Sign.


Three to get ready: Joined her friends for drinks before the show and rode together. #LuckyToBeMadison’sMom

IMG_0307 2

Now go, cat, go: Go Gratitude! When Madison appeared on stage for the first time – I stopped everything in my mind and thanked the universe – for the feeling of beautiful magic, of overwhelming love – that feeling in your soul when you see your child shining – as you know they are meant too. What a moment. It takes my breath every time. (I would post the illegal video I took, but PJ who runs the theatre, would not be thrilled, and I need him to like me because I never get seats early and he always hooks a girl up).

Today I hope Cat, you GO. I mean really GO – go sing, go dance, go live a little, and go love – yourself and others. But whatever you do, stay off of my blue suede shoes.

Be Your Own JoyMaster.

Interested in seeing great live shows in Boston? Check out Riverside Theatre Works. 35 years of enriching lives thru theater. Great shows, great people and wine is available – HEAVEN!

PS: A smoke machine went off and created the most excellent adventure.


It was a complete privilege to experience Boston’s finest making sure we all were safe and then ready to rock for the show.  xo Lisa

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