Book 5: Activism with Heart

When my son left for Brooklyn on a gap year to write, I was inspired by his courage at such a tender age to act on a dream.

At the airport, I slipped into his backpack a Moleskine. Inside a $100 bill, some family pictures and I hand wrote my favorite poem Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson on the inside cover.

_Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear in that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeou.png

His gap year was filled with “stories” some I know, some he will never share. He was accepted into an incredible writing program the next fall and began college. His journey down the fork in the road re-inspired me. I started to really read again and to reconnect to my passion of living joy.

When AJ was home this Christmas, we stopped at Goodwill to shop for books, and I spied this Marianne Williamson book.

The Healing of America was first written in 1997, this is the version I read. Last year, a 20th-anniversary edition was released called the Healing of the Soul of America.
The book describes the divided nation, in 1997 – the shift from Carter to Reagan. The canyon between sides rings as true today, maybe more so, as 20 years ago. She describes a great awakening possible, well required in the hearts of citizens, to realize the ideals that were the foundation, the promise of this country.


The book features historical insight into the ideals of the countries founding and language in the constitution. Inspired quotes of Jefferson, MLK, Kennedy and the presidents’ wives who were often in danger during the turbulent times in our country. It all eerily reminds us that history really is the best teacher.

Very relevant today is her discussion, that invokes you to think about how to battle the hate in the world – more specifically how to combat the fear that is the root of hatred.


The idea that a revolution is required, just like the uprising that founded the country is an interesting perspective. The notion that growth only comes from revolution, it is necessary for evolution – but not thru war, we must wage peace through understanding, education, and love for the metamorphosis to occur.


She inspires – it is time to join together. Stop thinking of ourselves and think of others. Quit using money and fame as a measure of success. Reduce the speed to judge someones’ perspective instead try to understand the other from a place of love.

Williamson reminds us of the Rumi Quote: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoings and rightdoings, there is a field, I will meet you there.”


Williamson’s writing is beautiful. She is a powerful voice for social conscience in not only America but in a global connection of souls. She details our nations past sins of slavery, the devastation of indigenous people, hate based on religion, country of origin, gender and personal choice – and how to heal past wounds and stop future hurt.

Williamson’s calling from God is strong, and it pours beautifully into your heart from her words. The book is filled with prayers that connect, heal and empower.


Williamson lays out specific actions needed to bring this age of enlightenment to life. How we can connect to each other to shed light on the dark – unite vs. divide and heal by bringing justice to all in the pursuit for individual and collective happiness.

This book was a joy to read and a reminder that together we can achieve so much. My prayer is I continue to wake up so I can be used for a greater good. Liberate me and in turn, liberate others through love and joy. Thanks, Marianne, that was a treasure.


The Joy In This Book: Inspiring activism, connection, empathy.

Read the Book Yourself.


Learn more about Marianne Williamson at her website

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