Birthday Moma Joy.

So how do you celebrate the birth day of your 20 year old daughter?  I guess the question is more rhetorical.  Like the song from the musical Rent, Seasons of Love, which asks, “525,600 Minutes, How do you measure the life of a women or a man”?

With this young women, I have met Mickey Mouse, enjoyed her as a lead in a musical, signed the finish line of the Daytona 500, watched her start college and stood together at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  But the greatest joy is simpler, cooking something together with food from the garden, a skype call late at night when she remembers how much she misses home, or saying our prayers each night.

She is my greatest adventure, but not because of the places we have or will visit but because she makes me feel like an example, so I live my life more fully, open to all there is, all the adventure.  So her birth day was a gift to us both – that this new day, a new life, is one with hope, love and most importantly joy.  Be Your Own JoyMaster.


 Happy Birthday Baby Girl.  LUMT Vintage Clothes Shopping. 

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