ARe U Ready Boo?

HalloweenAR Announces First-Of-Its-Kind Augmented Reality Experience Haunting Homes and Businesses Nationwide.

Created by a Halloween and AR lovin’ grandmother, QR codes launch spooky and sweet digital ghouls set to thrill all ages using WebAr so no app to download and no equipment to buy – just in time for Halloween.

HalloweenAR is bringing a new immersive experience to hometowns around the nation to celebrate Halloween with all the chills and thrills that only augmented reality (AR) can create.

“You’ll be creepin’ it real as demons and witches roam your yard this Halloween,” said Lisa George, Founder. “HalloweenAR uses your current environment and overlays digital elements to create monster-sized memories. Just download the custom QR code, and you instantly become the coolest and scariest house or business on the block, perfect for last-minute hauntings.”

A dozen characters are included in the Halloween Pack, so there’s a character for every level of scare.

Here is how it works:

  1. Get the Halloween Pack at
  2. Print and Place your QR Code wherever you want to scare
  3. Guests Scan, Scare, and Share with their own cameras.

WebAR is the latest revolution in augmented reality. There are no apps to download and no equipment to buy. To experience the scare, people scan a QR Code, enable camera permissions, and ta-da, the hocus pocus magic of Halloween, appears. So simple; it’s scary. HalloweenAR is powered by 8thWall/Niantic, and it’s amazing.

The idea was conceived by George while using AR apps with her grandsons because they love scary stuff. She learned AR after being furloughed due to Covid. The app took more than a year to develop. George chose WebAR – because of its frictionless experience for engaging with AR using only a browser and a phone’s camera.

About HalloweenAR

HalloweenAR brings immersive Augmented Reality experiences to hometowns nationwide. With no app to download, our scan, scare and share technology bring joy to life. The founder and her family brought this dream into reality.

I’m so excited, it’s scary.

Be Your Own JoyMaster, xoxoxoxox Lias

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